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Gum arabic

Gum Arabic is a rich source of dietary fibers and in addition to its widespread use in food and pharmaceutical industries as a safe thickener, emulsifier, and stabilizer, it also possesses a broad range of health benefits that have been evidently proved through several in vitro and in vivo studies.[5] Gum Arabic is not degraded in the stomach but fermented in the large intestine into a number of short chain fatty acids. It is regarded as a prebiotic that enhances the growth and proliferation of the beneficial intestinal microbiota and therefore its intake is associated with many useful health effects.[6] These health benefits include[5][7][8][9][10][11]

1- Improved absorption of calcium from the gastrointestinal tract

2- Anti-diabetic

3- Anti-obesity (Gum Arabic lowers the body mass index and body fat percentage)

4- Lipid lowering potential (Gum Arabic decreases total cholesterol, LDL, and triglyceride)

5- Antioxidant activities

6- Kidney and liver support

7- Immune function via modulating the release of some inflammatory mediators

8- Prebiotic improving the intestinal barrier function, preventing colon cancer, and alleviating symptoms of irritable bowel diseases

9- In rats, a protective effect on the intestine against the adverse actions of the NSAID drug, Meloxicam

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